Your First Visit at Hulsey Dentistry

At Your New Patient Dental Appointment

Your first visit here at Hulsey Dentistry will typically consist of an examination and screening to detect whether gum or periodontal disease is present, and if so, what type of oral cleaning is needed. With this exam, we are looking at the whole system and the cause and effects of any issues we see as well as listening to your specific dental concerns. Once we have a good picture of your dental health, we will discuss problems, solutions and benefits with you. From there we create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all of our concerns. We are here for you and it is our desire to create a treatment plan that gives you the healthy, happy smile that you deserve.

In order to make your first dental visit the most enjoyable experience:

  1. 1. Please provide any dental insurance information at the initial phone call
  2. 2. Please bring Patient Forms filled out
  3. 3. Please bring a list of any or all medication that you’re presently prescribed and taking

Thank you for choosing Hulsey Dentistry for your dental health! We’re so excited to see you. If you have any questions please call (770) 532-6004 or send us an email.